"Bush's worlds are captivating, sometimes deeply disturbing, and always well illuminated. This is thought-provoking theatre for sure."

                                                                                                                    HX Entertainment and Nightlife

"Dennis Bush offers an incisive, sometimes uncomfortable, always truthful look into ourselves."

                                                                                                                   --Joe Leo, Artistic Director, Misfit Toys Repertory Company

Commissioned Text

*scripts, monologues or scenes written especially for an established ensemble of performers or for a particular event, festival or competition

Script/Dialogue Consulting

*script/dialogue "doctoring" for entire plays or screenplays or for select scenes, sections, or sequences

*a fresh eye for writers struggling with character development, dialogue, or structure

For writers:

Individual coaching

Workshops (for groups of any size)

For actors:

Individual coaching

Workshops (for groups of any size)

For educators, attorneys, politicians, and other professionals in the public or private sectors:

Individual coaching

Workshops (for groups of any size)

Speechwriting services are available for new and established clients.

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Published Texts

Click here for a list of published texts that are available for purchase and/or performance rights licensing from their respective publishers